Reclaimed Wood Flooring: Blending Style And Sturdiness


Since ages wooden floorings have never gone out of style and they still remain a favourite among people with a classy taste. With an extraordinary appeal, they have the ability to add opulence and charm to your interiors. Reclaimed Wood Floorings can be customized to suit the decor of your house or office. Experiment with different tones and hues as you revamp your decor and give it a vintage look. Reclaimed wood is resistant to wear and cracking, and needs less maintenance as compared to virgin wood.

Reclaimed timber is considered a premium entity since it is highly flexible yet strong and solid. It is a perfect combination of durability and style. Manufacturers of Reclaimed Wood floorings offer an extensive array of floor finishes you can choose from. Bring home the innate appeal and authentic charm of reclaimed wood with The Reclaimed Flooring Company.

Let your flooring be a reflection of your superior taste and distinct style. Alluring and exclusive, wood floors enhance the appeal of your home to a great extent. Since reclaimed wood is procured and processed from old warehouses, dilapidated barns, wine barrels or factories you can be sure that it does not contribute towards deforestation and is good for the environment.

The Reclaimed Flooring Co creates exceptional works of real, natural wood floors with an innovative range of hand-made platforms. With their Reclaimed Wood Flooring solutions, you can be sure of authentic material that will last long and adorn your home for years to come. For stylish floorings made in Oak, Pine, Strip, Panels and Parquet, please visit Reclaimed Flooring Co Now!


Common Types of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Flooring can be of many different types with each type having its unique & distinctive features, advantages, and limitations. Furnishing and decorating industry is continuously progressing ahead to develop new types of flooring. However, there are a few types of flooring which are most commonly used in homes even today. Here are the most common types of flooring:-
Ceramic tile flooring – Ceramic tile flooring is one of the best flooring options when waterproofing is required. Ceramic tile flooring would not suit in all homes though. Ceramic tiles are available in hundreds of designs, patterns, colors, and such varieties. You can get great amount of choices for selection of ceramic tiles. But ceramic tiles must match with your overall looks of home else ceramic flooring would look very odd. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean but may get dust residues in the long run.

Marble flooring – If there’s anything close to ceramic tiles but better than ceramic tiles, it’s Marble. Marble tiles are more durable and good looking than ceramic tiles. You won’t get a choice of designs, patterns, and colors in marbles like ceramic tiles but undoubtedly marble flooring will definitely give a very premium look in your home.

Bamboo flooring – Bamboo flooring is a new trend in flooring which has started becoming common in houses. This concept was picked up from beach resorts and eateries where bamboo flooring is used to give the place a tropical look. Bamboo flooring is durable and very good-looking but is very expensive as well. Bamboo flooring should not be exposed to sunlight for longtime else it will start darkening then.

Laminate flooring – This is one of the cheapest types of flooring you can go for. Laminate flooring is a knock-off cheap flooring type and may not be durable like other types of flooring. Laminate flooring however, has many varieties of looks.

Wood flooring – Wood flooring is one of the best types of flooring. Wood flooring experts at Reclaimed Flooring Co. say that wood flooring has been popular since pre-world war era and still has a strong hold in luxury home markets. However, the same wood flooring experts at Reclaimed Flooring Co. say that premium quality wood flooring in economy ranges is also available now. Reclaimed Flooring Company and such other flooring companies have started using many new types of wood in wood flooring now to give the most premium look to the flooring. Wood flooring is durable, very strong, and gives a luxurious look to the flooring.

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In this age of mechanization, assembly line production and mass manufacturing, one can find various kinds of wood that are being used for constructing wooden floor on homes. All of them, cut from recent grown forests, processed, varnished, and put for use in making wooden floors and other furniture.

The old days of sawmen, craftsmen, and carpeting millwrights appears definitely over with all these new ways of making wooden floors. But what can beat an old craftsman’s passion for his work? What can define beauty ,a work of art ,built with love, care and dedication to one’s art, passed down from generation to generation? What can replace the antiquity, the prestige of owning a piece of history, on whose surface walked the aged ancestors long gone?

And so, there are customers, who reminiscence the time when they walked among the grandfathers, in an old cottage with warm wooden floors, built with wood of pristine quality. For them, nothing beats a warm floor with a fireplace to heat up the home, making it a soothing sight. And such customers, who have discerning nature, will demand perfection in every single piece that is made. Reclaimed Wood Flooring Co of Clerkenwall, London admires such connoisseurs, a minority, in a world busy with their own affairs.

When it comes to perfection, there is nothing imperfect that you will find in our wood. We source our wood, from old barns, sawmills, mills, industrial age homes and many other such places. A wood sourced from these old places, has quality that only experienced eyes can fathom. And of course, when it comes to environment, nothing beats a reclaimed floor whose wood hasn’t been sourced by felling trees. An old wood from such old places is a nature’s piece of art. The grain composition, contours, patina is unmatched by any standards. With experienced hands, it is crafted to a wood of aged quality and beauty.

Unlike new wood, old wood of such antiquity is not of poor quality. Unlike today’s forests, the forests of the old times were aged and had such ancient trees whose years of age, reflects in the wood make and composition. Even after 200 years, such wood still retains its charm and admirers like us, can’t resist when it comes to fashioning it for our customers.

In our website, we have categorized our products into distinct categories for different requirements. Our craftsmen are excellent when it comes to creating wooden floors using parquetry work of admirable quality.

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